Ecology Unit


Destroys grease particles in the extract air stream
Reduces cooking odour
Cost effective alternative to carbon filters
Can be installed in existing ventilation systems
Low maintenance costs

Principle of Operation

Destroys grease particles in the extract air stream
The Vianen Air Purification System consist primarily of what is technically known as an electrostatic precipitator. In this type of equipment, all airborne particles, even of microscopic size, are electrically charged (positively) as they pass through a high voltage ionizer. These charged particles are then attracted and adhere to a series of parallel collecting plates, which form the negative elements of an electrostatic field.
The ionizer consists of charged stainless steel spiked blades spaced between grounded electrodes. The collecting section consists of parallel plates arranged so that each alternate plate is charged while the intermediate plates are electrically grounded.
Periodically the contaminant is washed from the plates by the integrally constructed water wash system.

Three major functional components comprise the air cleaner

(1) Ionizing-collecting cells to ionize and collect airborne particulate matter.
(2) Power supply(s) to supply high voltage direct current to the ionizingcollecting cells.
(3) Wash Control to automatically wash away the collected contaminant.

Normally, systems are designed for collection efficiencies in the range of 90 percent or more. Collecting a contaminant at these efficiencies, especially when there are high concentrations, can result in large accumulations in a relatively short period. Therefore, maintenance must encompass two areas; the operation of the equipment for efficient collection and the systematic removal of the collected contaminant.