Destroys grease particles in the extract air stream
Reduces grease deposits within the ductwork
Can be installed in existing ventilation systems
Low maintenance costs


UV-C filter safety sensor
The Vianen UV-C system can be used in any Vianen canopy or ceiling system and is suitable for all types of cooking equipment especially those that create high grease loads. The UV-C system generates ozone which breaks down grease particles reducing the build-up of grease deposits in the ductwork also helps to reduce some cooking odours that would otherwise be released into the surrounding area at the kitchen extract discharge point. Please note that the UV-C system is not a deodoriser. All Vianen UV-C canopies are supplied with a dedicated Control Unit to ensure safe and simple operation of the system which requires very little maintenance and service. Vianen UV-C canopies are fitted with specially developed Fecon UV filters to prevent any leakage of UV light from within the canopies extract plenum. The UV-C system can be incorporated into any Vianen Water Wash of MUAP canopy..


The Vianen UV-C system uses special UV-C light tubes for grease destruction and can reduce some odours. The tubes are mounted in a stainless steel patented enclosure with a hinged access door. This UV-C module is located behind the Fecon-UV grease filters within the extract plenum. The safety design features ensure the safety of the kitchen staff and operatives are not exposed to UV light. The UV-C Control Panel supplied with every UV system is a fully welded type 304 stainless steel unit, ultra-fine grain polished (320 grit) standard measurement 400 x 300 x 155mm with a sloping top and hinged access door which can only be opened with a security key. A digital display provides information relating to the status of the system and any alarm condition. Using the UV-C system the canopy has an extra exhaust pressure drop of 60 Pa.