Energy saving
Lifetime of 80.000 hrs
Integrated light system
Offers high level of hygiene
Easily installed
Heat resistant up to 110C
CE approved


The VIANEN V-LED light fittings have been especially designed for use in Vianen canopies and ventilated ceiling systems within commercial kitchens. The modern smooth design of the V-LED makes it easy to clean and maintain and ensures a lighting level of 500 lux at working surface level.


Luminaire efficiency : 95.4134%
Luminaire efficacy : 76.53 lm/W
Classification : A40 99.9% 0.1%
CIE Flux Codes : 47 79 95 100 95
UGR 4H 8H (20%, 50%, 70%)
C0 / C90 : 20.5 / 20.5
System power : 32W


The VIANEN V-LED light fixture is designed with an anodized aluminium frame around a LED panel and an integrated clear glass panel. On top of the V-LED panel is the LED driver located that is connected to the power supply with a connection box. This makes various electrical connections possible. The V-LED can be integrated in a Vianen Canopy or ventilated ceiling with a special developed anodized aluminium fixing profile.