Front cooking GF2


Stainless steel Front Cooking Unit with the standard dimensions 990 x 700 x 1160mm. (Optional –
the dimension can altered to meet specific customer requirements.)
The unit is fabricated from stainless steel, all joints are welded and exposed surfaces are made of double
sided, satin finish, stainless steel
304 (DIN 1.4301, grit 320). The sheet thickness is 1,25mm. The unit is mounted on 4 wheels with ball bearings.

The unit consists of:

1 no. Exhaust fan 230V – 50 Hz.;
2 nos. Fecon filters 400 x 200 x 36mm;
2 nos. Carbon fillters 377 x 300 x 40mm; 1 no. Grease tray;
3 nos. Connections 230V;
1 no. Drawer with rails for 1/1 GN max. 200mm deep;
4 nos. 1/8 GN
1 no. Plug with cable (1000mm) 400V – 50 Hz.;
2 nos. Removable inspection panels;
4 nos. Wheels with ball bearings, two are static and two with brakes;
1 no. Switch board 400V > 3 x 230V;
2 nos. Protection glass.