What are the advantages of a database for a technical management system?

There are many advantages to integrating a technical management systems into one network including reduced costs, simplied management, safety and hygiene, reduced training requirementsand optimized operational functions.

  • Monitor and analyze kitchen equipment to make sure all equipment is running optimally.
  • Track energy usage to help reduce consumption and lower utility.
  • Introduce time controls for lights and air conditioner units to switch o when they are not required.
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities and controls maximize the ecient use of equipment, provide timely maintenance, increasing the life-span of capital investments.
  • Remote monitoring of equipment.
  • Control and schedule the temperature, lighting and humidity patterns to maximize the comfort of sta.
  • Provide demonstrable reductions in energy consumption and contribute to a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
  • Contribute towards compliance with mandatory legislation.
  • Provide an environment that encourages sta to develop a sustainable approach to their work and lifestyle.
  • There are also safety advantages. An alarm triggered by the re system can be programmed to close fresh air dampers and turn o exhaust fans.
  • Data from the various systems show performance history and trends.