Fresh air supply integrated in the canopy
Reduces the requirement for air to be introduced into the kitchen via other grilles or diffusers


Fresh air supply integrated in the canopy
The system allows the kitchen ventilation to be balanced by introducing tempered make-up / supply air through the perforated front face of the canopy. The MUAP plenum forms an integral part of the canopy and is positioned along the front of the canopy. The Vianen MUAP system can be used in combination with any wall or island mounted canopy. Treated air is supplied into the internally insulated MUAP plenum via factory fitted spigots on the roof of the canopy. The air passes over a perforated internal equalising diffuser and is delivered into the kitchen through the vertical perforated front face(s) of the canopy. The system ensures an even distribution of supply air over the full length of the canopy at low velocity without any draughts. The MUAP system is also easily incorporated into Water Wash and UV-C canopies.


Facon filter
The MUAP plenum is fabricated from 1.0 – 1.2 mm thick type 304 stainless steel. All visible surfaces are ultra fine grain polished (320 grit) and polythene protected. The plenum is cut, punched and folded and then assembled by means of computer controlled seam welds and non mechanical fixings. Seamless sections can be manufactured up to 6m in length. The internal surfaces of the MUAP plenum are fully insulated. The front face of the MUAP plenum features removable perforated panels. The MUAP plenum has a nominal width of 200 mm Therefore single island or wall mounted canopies will be 200 mm deeper front to back and double island canopies 400 mm deeper. The pressure drop over a Vianen MUAP plenum is 40 Pa.