VIANEN launches VIANERGY II® energy saving galley hood in Marine and Offshore

VIANEN, the leading global player in tailor-made, high-quality ventilation systems for institutional and commercial kitchens, has launched the VIANERGY II in the Marine and Offshore.

VIANERGY II® is the latest innovation in hoods enabling automatic adjustment of the air flow as necessary to ensure energy-efficient airflow extract and highest possible energy saving. Speaking about the product, Pieter Hilhorst, Responsible for the Vianen Marine Department, stated: “VIANERGY II® hood is one of VIANEN’s, newest innovations which reduces the amount of extract- & supply air volume required in the professional galley by 28 percent over conventional type hoods. Our clients can now optimize the limited available space in their projects.”

Vianen launched this product in Milan in 2013 in the commercial kitchen sector. Now this proven technology is ready for the most demanding environments at sea. The patented design makes it possible to use smaller ductwork, fans and air handling units compared to conventional hood types. This is highly advantageous for the marine industry. Vianen Marine offers support and advice in the field of sustainability and design.

Hilhorst added, “Ventilation is important for the safety and comfort of staff and guests. The VIANERGY II® also meets the high demands from our customers for sustainability and plays a leading role in the market towards using high energy saving products, resulting in reduced energy consumption and actual savings for the client.”

Founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of professional kitchen ventilation, Vianen has a proven track record leading in high-tech, custom made, commercial kitchen & galley ventilation systems.

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