Plenum ceiling

Allows flexible approach to the layout of catering equipment
Provides a high level of hygiene
Highly efficient grease extraction rate
Ensures ventilation of the kitchen area is properly balanced


Allows flexible approach to the layout of catering equipment
The VIANEN PLENUM Ventilated Ceiling is suitable for all types of medium and heavy duty cooking equipment and is a flexible solution for kitchen ventilation. The ceiling can be installed to cover the full area of a kitchen allowing flexibility in the layout of catering equipment and is easily adapted to serve the addition of further equipment. The Plenums are fitted with VIANEN FECON Filters to ensure the highest levels of grease extraction. The filters are designed to allow the grease to run off the filters into an integral grease collecting channel and then into easily removable grease trays. The provision of perforated supply air panels or grilles allow the introduction of supply/make-up air under draught free conditions to maintain a comfortable working environment and ensures the kitchen ventilation system is perfectly balanced.

The inclusion of V-LEL light fittings provides the correct levels of lighting in the kitchen areas where it is most needed. In all other areas removable matching stainless steel panels are installed to maintain the hygienic properties and the highly aesthetic appearance of the ceiling. The ceiling has a constant exhaust pressure drop of 100 Pa and a supply air pressure drop of 40 Pa. The Plenum Ventilated Ceiling is an “all in one” solution which extracts and supplies air and allows the integration of V-LEL lights to provide the perfect kitchen environment. Working from kitchen layout drawings VIANEN will produce a fully integrated ceiling package, coordinated to match the requirements of both extract and supply air to ensure the kitchen ventilation system is properly balanced and works perfectly.


Fecon filter

The VIANEN Plenum Ventilated Ceiling is fabricated entirely in type 304 stainless steel (1.0 – 1.2mm) thick. 
All visible surfaces are ultra-fine grain polished (320 grit) and polythene protected. The plenums are cut, punched and folded into seamless sections up to 6m in length and factory assembled by means of computer controlled seam welds and non-visible mechanical fixings. Joints are provided with internal cover-plates so that no joints or mechanical fixings are visible. All metal edges are rolled smooth and are free from sharp edges and projections.