GreaseShield ROCOM


An unrivalled award winning appliance to solve grease related problems

  • GreaseShield is the only proactive greasetrap in the world to deal with emulsi ed FOGs.
  • Automatically separates grease from e uent to achieve < 100 ppm FOG Discharge.
  • Eliminates frequent pumping costs, harvesting a source of renewable energy.
  • Self emptying and self cleaning. No need for sta¬ to access the internal of the machine.
  • User Friendly! Odour Free!
  • No need to purchase enzymes or biological agents! No heating elements. Low operating costs.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and avoid loss of a renewable energy source caused by pumping out greasetraps.
  • Award Winning Modular Technology; Small, compact and easily installed in any Deli or Kitchen!
  • Eco friendly, sustainable design – 99% recyclable!