With the experience VIANEN Kitchen Ventilation has gained from working with consultants and ventilation engineers over the last 35 years, we have realised, there is a need to generate a tool to aid consultants in specifying Kitchen Canopies at the conception stage of any project.

With this in mind, we have developed a software tool which will support consultants in the engineering design of the modern commercial kitchen.
The tool is designed to assist in the beginning of the project to pre-design of the kitchen ventilation incorporating all the relevant specifications. We have named this, The Consultant Tool.

  • The tool is web-based and very easy to access with a personal code provided on request.
  • The tool provides the opportunity to specify the given criteria, such as type of canopy, options and dimensions.
  • The result is a A4 specification sheet for each individual product. All this information is available within minutes.
  • The resulting information page can be inserted into the tender without further changes.



[one_half][quote Artist=” Dit artikel handelt over een fantasie” image=”” w=”160″ h=”180″ image_align=”left”]introduction of the Consultant Tool [/quote][/one_half]We would invite you to try out the tool and give us your feedback on any points you feel need improving. We would of course be more than happy to visit your offices and give an introduction of the Consultant Tool and how to apply it to your specific needs.

Please note that pop-ups should be allowed on your browser for the tool to work correctly.
The tool works best in Internet Explorer.

We have had pleasure in developing this tool for you and are ready to give you our full support in its use. We look forward to your reactions.

For your personal access code to the tool please fill in your details hereunder and send to us. Your access code will be sent to your email address provided.