Sustainability is the capacity to endure. Moving towards sustainability is also a social challenge that entails, among other factors, developing new technologies that reduce the consumption of resources.
This involves many issues, including in the areas of strategy and policy, implementation and external accountability. Vianen supports and advises in the field of sustainability.

Vianen also contributes by recently implementing the new LED light tubes in their factory. Another contribution is the implementation of carton crates for packaging. Vianen contributes to a cleaner environment and cleaner waste program.

Ventilation is important for the safety and comfort of your employees and customers. Vianen have the expertise and experience to balance your ventilation needs, with optimal “green” ventilation solutions. A few ways “going green” that will benefit your operations ventilation system is the implementation of:

  • Energy Saving Canopies
  • Heat/Cool Recovery Units
  • Canopies with our unique Water Misty Recycle System
  • VéTEC functionality


Environmental care

The environmental efforts from Vianen are based on a life cycle approach that takes into account the environmental impact of the products from design to installation. Continuous work is underway at Vianen’s production plants in order to reduce the consumption of energy and water, and emissions of various pollutants. At most production facilities, production waste and packaging materials are all source separated for recycling. Transportation of materials to and from the facilities is being streamlined for a minimum of environmental impact.
Vianen offer customers, users and society a significant environmental improvement in the following areas:

Eco Design

Across our product range, we are driving sustainability in all aspects of product design

Quality and safety

The home of the Vianen production is in the Netherlands.?The consistent standards of quality, safety, and processes guarantee worldwide premium products “made by Vianen Kitchen Ventilation”. Careful use of resources is the guiding principle behind all our production planning and an integral part of the entire production process. As a corporation, we take responsibility for society wherever we are. We aim to be an active fair partner.To ensure consistent and comprehensive quality work, Vianen applies the international quality standard, ISO 9000. All departments which work with product development, production, sales and service at Vianen have been certified or are in the process of becoming certified according to ISO 9001.


The performance capability of Vianen depends on the special commitment and know-how of its employees. Our employees are the central element in the manufacture of premium Vianen products. Professional work and innovation as well as knowledge transfer ensures both today and in the future that the customer will obtain his kitchen ventilation systems by the agreed-upon delivery date and in the high quality expected.


Vianen has earned its worldwide reputation on the basis of our excellent reliability. The manufacturing of high quality products has always been the fundamental objective at Vianen. We build dependable kitchen ventilation systems that meet our customers’ exact demands in terms of users. This means that quality work is a crucial part of all areas in our global organisation from product development and design to purchasing, manufacturing, sales and service. The objective of the Vianen organization is not only to satisfy customer demands, but also to exceed their expectations.

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