V-GDS – Vianen Grease Detection System



Grease vapor accumulation is one of the most serious hazards in commercial kitchens. 
Management of this hazard is a very achievable task.

Poor maintenance of the extinguishing system and the ever-constant accumulation of grease vapor deposits in the ductwork remain a cause of concern in commercial kitchens.
The most common source of a are-up is the ignition of cooking oil vapors that come in contact with flames or excess heat.

The Vianen Grease Detection System indicates when cleaning is necessary greatly 
reducing the risk of serious res and the hygiene of the system is safeguarded.


Cooking vapors that are extracted by the kitchen exhaust system contain grease particles that condense in the canopy and ductwork. When the grease deposit levels exceed the local regulation requirement (often NFPA-96), the system alarms the user that cleaning of the exhaust system is needed.

The system uses optical sensors for grease detection. 
The sensors send an electrical signal to an acoustic alarm, Building Management System (BMS) or the V-Maestro Vianen Kitchen Maintenance System. The system can be installed stand alone or can be part of the Vianen Kitchen Management System with Maestro Interface.

The grease detectors can be placed on multiple 
locations in the kitchen exhaust system:
– Grease tray
– Canopy
– Exhaust ductwork
– Ventilated ceiling


• The hygiene standard of the system is safeguarded
• Increases fire safety in the system
• Can be applied in new and existing Vianen installations.
• Can be connected to BMS.
• Can be connected to the V-Maestro Kitchen Management System.
• Major maintenance is avoided.